Giving Roots to Buildings

We're building our first home gardening solution that will bring urban farming into your hands and home.

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Think back to the last 24 hours.

You wake up and eat breakfast. Where does your morning coffee come from? How about the fruit you had? They could be driven from halfway across the country, or flown from halfway across the world. Throughout your day, you continue to interact with products that are sourced from distant or unknown places.

Imagine locating each point of origin and drawing a square around them. This is your ‘box.’ Today, most people’s boxes stretch around the globe. The production, packaging, and transportation practices required to maintain boxes of this size pollute our air, exhaust our land, and poison our water.

Our mission is to help people shrink their boxes.

The first step in this journey will be enabling urban dwellers to easily and efficiently grow their own food indoors. We will work towards the end goals of developing resilient local supply chains and of creating holistic infrastructure systems that provide food, water, energy, and shelter in ways that regenerate the natural environment. At all times we wish to empower people through innovative technologies, educate through hands-on learning, and connect individuals to foster stronger communities.

Help us to design the ideal product for you by taking our survey now!

About Us

Box started in 2020 as a collaborative passion project to which over fifty ambitious, change-oriented people have contributed. We are a collective headquartered in Copenhagen and Toronto, with membership growing across North America and Europe. Along with the strength of our vision, the power of Box lies in the diversity of the team’s competencies, which encompass biosystems engineering, business, education, plant science, architecture, and craftsmanship. Our members have organized themselves into Box Build, Box Design, Box Exchange, and Box Democracy.

Box Design

is creating urban farming and home gardening solutions that reflect our organization's interdisciplinary nature.

Box Exchange

is honing our business strategy and engaging with the consumer market to better deliver value.

Box Democracy

is ensuring that our values are reflected in our collectives’ organization at every step.

Box Build

is prototyping our designs to bring them to market and will carry out on-site construction for our customers.